August 2015

Expert Journal of Business and Management
Volume 3, Issue 1

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Peter BONA, Robert LIPPERT
What Do Companies in the Processing Industry Do in Order to Achieve Success?

Juan-Pierré BRUWER, Yolande SMIT
Accounting Information Systems – A Value-Adding Phenomenon or a Mere Trend? The Situation in Small and Medium Financial Service Organizations in the Cape Metropolis

Nicola ZECH
The Role of Stakeholder Relationship Management – Crisis Management Processes within the Hotel Industry in a Tourism Context

Firm and Auditor Characteristics, and Audit Report Lag in Manufacturing Companies Listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange during 2008-2012

Almaree KEMP, Anthea BOWMAN, Berenice BLOM, Charl VISSER, Danelle BERGOER, Dominique FULLARD, Geraldine MOSES, Sheri-Lee BROWN, Johan BORNMAN, Juan-Pierré BRUWER
The Usefulness of Cash Budgets in Micro, Very Small and Small Retail Enterprises Operating in the Cape Metropolis

Published by Sprint Investify. ISSN 2344-6781


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