August 2017

Expert Journal of Business and Management
Volume 5, Issue 1

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Effectiveness of an Integrated Tertiary Software Mobile Information System for Student Registration and Admission at a University in Gauteng

Jimmy Ellya KURNIAWAN, Fendy SUHARIADI, Cholicul HADI
The Impact of School’s Corporate Cultures on Teacher’s Entrepreneurial Orientation: The Mediating Role of Readiness for Change

Ehsan Saeed Idrees YAQOOT, Wan Shakizah Wan MOHD. NOOR, Mohd Faizal MOHD ISA
Antecedents of Training Effectiveness in Bahrain

Juan-Pierré BRUWER, André VAN DEN BERG
The Conduciveness of the South African Economic Environment and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Sustainability: A Literature Review

Published by Sprint Investify. ISSN 2344-6781


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