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Expert Journal of Business and Management
Volume 5, Issue 2


Sandra EBERT
Consumer Psychology Insights and their Use for Operational Book Marketing

Analysis of the Effect of Individual Characteristics, Employees’ Competency and Organizational Climate on Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Performance at a State-Owned Trading Company in Indonesia

Impact of Brand Image, Product Quality and Self-Efficacy on Purchase Decisions on Private Label Rights Products. An Empirical Study

Alexander STELZER
Negotiation as a Function in Supply Chain Transactions

Franz HAAS
Deciding the Entry Mode in Chinese Markets. Practices Managers Should Avoid Pursuing

Visvanathan NAICKER, Suzaan LE ROUX, Juan BRUWER, Juan-Pierré BRUWER
Knowledge Sharing as a Value-Adding Initiative for South African SMME Sustainability: A Literature Review

Published by Sprint Investify. ISSN 2344-6781


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