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Innovation and entrepreneurship: the necessary conditions of value creation

The necessary conditions of value creation are considered from the vantage point of innovation and entrepreneurship. Both demand side and supply side considerations of value creation are examined. Specific demand concepts that are considered are: basic needs, customer perceived value, and customer satisfaction. Specific supply side concepts considered are: science, technology, and knowledge. The relationships between value creation and basic needs, customer perceived value, and knowledge are further examined. Although a number of factors are identified that impact value, only four are seen as primary factors of value: price, benefit, satisfaction, and experience. The innovator and entrepreneur can create value, and quantify the uniqueness of their value offerings, through these four primary factors. To create value, a proper understanding of the customer is required. The concept of missing value was also surfaced. Basic needs may underpin value, yet the relationship is complex. Basic...

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Bambang SETIAJI Forthcoming Henri D. WAHYUDI Ihwan SUSILA

Supply Chain of Beef Market in Indonesia

Indonesian beef market is very interested, with 250 million people, a year around 670 million kg be consumed which are 440 million kg supplied by local production and 230 million be imported. The beef price in Indonesia market about double that in Australia as 9.1 USD to 4.2. The highly price and a wide margin are interested for research. The research question are how do supply chain look like, how do distribution of the wide margin from importers to retailers, is corruption still exist due to the import licensed, and who really enjoy the profit? This study aims to analyze the supply chain of beef industry and factor affecting meat prices in Indonesia. Data were collected through a survey of 134 respondents in seven districts and cities in Surakarta, Indonesia and also in-depth interviews with breeders, slaughters, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. The results showed that factor affecting meat prices is the bargaining power of several actors in the supply chain and market...

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