December 2019

Expert Journal of Business and Management
Volume 7, Issue 2


Juan-Pierré BRUWER, Houdini FOURIE, Tracy BECK
Considering the Control Legacy-K (CLK) Framework to Serve as a Basis for a Measuring Instrument to Assess the Control Environment of Non-JSE Listed Business Entities

Ioana GUTU
Multinational Companies and the Management of Corporate Diplomacy

Juan-Pierré BRUWER, Judith SMITH, Suzaan LE ROUX
Critical Innovation Skills Required of Sole Trader Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) Management and Its Influence on Perceived Business Profitability: A South African Perspective

Leadership of Entrepreneurship at the Macro-Level

Wirawan Endro Dwi RADIANTO, Tommy Christian EFRATA, Liliana DEWI
Impact of Family’s Socio-Economic Context on Financial Literacy of Young Entrepreneurs

The Impact of CSR on the Sustainable Growth of Wholesale and Retail SMEs: The Case of eThekwini Municipal region

Sanjay SINGH, Shamila SINGH
Supply Chain Management Practices: Impediments to Service Delivery in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

Jimmy Ellya KURNIAWAN, Ersa Lanang SANJAYA, Stefani VIRLIA
Entrepreneurial Orientation and Parental Attachment on Emerging Adolescence

The Heuristics of Entrepreneurs

Published by Sprint Investify. ISSN 2344-6781


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