Category - Rosalina JAIME MEULY

Sonora State University, Hermosillo, Sonora, México


Determinants of Competitiveness in Companies that Comprise the Aerospace Cluster in the State of Sonora

Most of the leading countries in the world production of the aerospace sector, over time, have triangulated their production, by installing plants in other countries, to reduce costs. The United States concentrates most of the world production of aircraft. Consequently, Mexico has joined this dynamic production process through the operation of almost four hundred companies in this industrial sector. The states of Baja California, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, Querétaro and Sonora, lead the production of this sector in Mexico. The objective of this work is to determine if the companies in the aerospace sector of the state of Sonora are competitive in a regional context with respect to the growth of the entire sector in the country. The degree of competitiveness was calculated using the Competitive Advantage Index in two levels –the aerospace sector at the national level and at the state level-. The results of this research confirm that the competitiveness of companies in the aerospace sector...

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Supplier Analysis of the IMMEX in Sonora

The objective of this research is to identify the factors that prevent the local supply in Sonora from having a bigger development in the export industry. The research methodology consisted of deep interviews to ten companies and their supervisors that we considered to be the most successful, as well as the application of a survey to 40 other companies. We created a diagnosis of the actual factors affecting the low recruitment of Mexican local suppliers by the industry. The idea was to provide the information that we find interesting and relevant to industry associations and Council of State for decision-making that can help increase the supply for the local market and to big companies.

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