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Tshwane University of Technology, South Africa

Takupiwa NYANGA Tumo KELE Samson MTISI

Job Satisfaction of Backyard Manufacturing Small to Medium Enterprise Workers in Mucheke Suburb, Masvingo, Zimbabwe: Status and Way Forward

Job satisfaction is one of the key antecedents to organizational competitiveness and growth. The main objective of this paper was to explore the status of job satisfaction and strategies for increasing job satisfaction for backyard manufacturing small to medium enterprises (MSMEs) workers in Mucheke suburb in Masvingo urban. The study utilized a qualitative research approach with semi-structured interview being used as the main data collecting tool. Snowballing and purposive sampling techniques were used to select 11 backyard manufacturing SMEs and 40 participants who participated in the study. The study established that the level of job satisfaction for employees in backyard MSMEs was extremely low. The main precipitators of low job satisfaction were inappropriate tools, inadequate raw materials, inappropriate plant layout, unpaid overtime, failure to supply protective clothing, poor salaries, congested workstations and poor leadership. It was also established that low job...

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Mokheseng MAKHETHA Tumo KELE

Third-Party Logistics Businesses and Social Sustainability Practices: The Case of South Africa

Despite the increasing awareness of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by companies, the social aspects and practices thereof are often neglected. The social sustainability reporting by South African logistics companies is such an example and is largely unknown. The objectives of this study were to investigate the challenges that South African road logistics companies face when reporting their social sustainability performance and to determine measures that road logistics companies in South Africa can take to improve their social sustainability reporting. This was achieved qualitatively by means of semi-structured interviews of representatives of 18 large and medium sized road logistics companies in South Africa. The interview data was analysed using thematic analysis process. The study revealed some key findings that were not previously indicated in the literature review, particularly looking at social sustainability activities by road logistics companies and...

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