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Ciputra University, Indonesia


Increasing Students’ Entrepreneurial Intention Using Internal and External Factors through Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy

Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers in a country's economic growth in which it contributes to the reduction of unemployment rate. This explains why various institutions have been leveraging resources at their disposal to boost the entrepreneurial intention of students across the country. This research aims to investigate the effect of family environment and entrepreneurship education through entrepreneurial self-efficacy towards students’ entrepreneurial intention. This study took on a quantitative approach, where the data obtained from surveys are evaluated statistically using the SmartPLS software. The researcher has taken 215 samples from a population of 458 students in 2018 cohort, majoring in International Business Management of Universitas Ciputra Surabaya, using the simple random sampling method. The findings suggest that there is a positive and significant direct relationship between family environment and entrepreneurial intention, entrepreneurship education...

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Personal and Social Attributes as Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intention

The concept of entrepreneurship is an interesting phenomenon in the context of contemporary economy today. Since entrepreneurship is directly linked to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), the existence of SME is important because SME is one of the factors driving the increase of economic growth. Many studies have aimed to discover and formulate what attributes contribute to the intent of becoming an entrepreneur and the success of an entrepreneur. Based on research conducted by Hongdiyanto (2017), there are 4 attributes trusted to mold entrepreneurs through learning models which are personal, social, support and organization. In this study, the researcher chose two attributes (personal and social) to be discussed further. This research represents a conceptual study that will discuss in detail these two variables, namely personal and social attributes. As a result, personal and social attributes are explored in detail with examples and useful descriptions.

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