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Influence of SMEs Electronic Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance

Regardless of the size of the organisation, electronic human resources management (e-HRM) systems are crucial because of their influence on risk reduction and prevention. The relationship between e-HRM and small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs) is, nevertheless, the subject of few studies. Although SMEs are essential for the nation's financial stability, they are thought to be less knowledgeable about e-HRM in developing nations. In order for SMEs to survive and have an impact on the economy of the nation, this conceptual paper seeks to provide a wider understanding of SME organisations. This study examines pertinent literature from the last ten years on the adoption of e-HRM, the awareness of SMEs organisations regarding the quality implementation of e-HRM systems, the survival of SMEs, and their effects on the national economy. A fundamental challenge is the widespread and persistent belief that only large firms can use e-HRM systems. This study found, based on the literature...

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Innovation and Intellectual Capital Competency Factors Influencing SMEs Competitive Advantage in South Africa. A Conceptual Framework

This paper examines the innovative intellectual capital variables of SMEs, such as business culture, knowledge intelligence, business communication, and digital business, using the intellectual capital theory as a frame of reference for SMEs in South Africa. The phenomenal rise of SMEs and a gap in the existing literature on innovative intellectual capital served as the driving forces behind this study. Lack of innovative skills brought on by low levels of intellectual capital are seen as the driving force behind this unwelcome phenomenon. This conceptual paper aims to bring a broader understanding innovative competencies which are crucial for businesses to sustain themselves, grow, and perform well SMEs will be helped in the development of platforms to enhance their operations and advance the South African economy. A detailed evaluation of secondary sources of information provided by the University of Johannesburg was used in this paper. This paper analyses the relevant...

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