Category - Makhosazana Faith VEZI-MAGIGABA

University of Zululand, South Africa

Andrew ENAIFOGHE Makhosazana Faith VEZI-MAGIGABA

Re-Thinking the Sustainability of Local Economic Development through Entrepreneurship in South Africa

The objective of this paper was to explore the sustainability of local economic development through entrepreneurship in South Africa. Local economic development (LED) should be the responsibility of everyone, including local people, business owners, and the government. LED is widely seen as the panacea to increased quality of life, unemployment, poverty, and inequalities, mainly in developing nations. LED research is a relatively new topic, and policy development, planning processes, and implementation plans are continually changing with numerous alternative ideas and techniques. The study acknowledged South Africa to be a resource-rich country with incredible development potential. South Africa, on the other hand, can do a lot better to encourage entrepreneurs and small and medium-scale businesses at the grassroots level, by preparing citizens with the needed skills to contribute to economic development because effective leadership, institutions, and entrepreneurship all play...

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