Segmentation of Employee Perceptions in Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

Sustainability is changing the competitive landscape and reshaping the opportunities and threats that companies face. However, for companies to become green they need employees to develop, believe and engage with these initiatives. To achieve success with sustainable practices, companies can use internal marketing which is based on the satisfaction of employees as a premise to achieve the retention and attraction of top talent that will lead to corporate success. It is estimated that the internal customer satisfaction and loyalty contribute to satisfying the external customers, leading ultimately to a company’s profit maximization. In this paper I explore the impact of companies’ sustainability efforts among their employees. More specifically, we examine the results of an online survey conducted on employees of 10 multinational companies regarding the implementation of green internal marketing and corporate social responsibility to enhance their satisfaction at work.
JEL Classification M14
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Alin Opreana, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Romania
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